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Saddle Pocket Outfitters, LLC.

Saddle Pocket Outfitters operates on over 20,000 acres of prime private hunting land in Northwest Colorado known as the Kourlis Ranch, which is a working ranch in some of the finest Elk, Mule Deer and Mountain Lion country available in the Colorado Rockies. The ranch provides world-class hunting opportunities for some of North America's most desired big-game trophies. We at Saddle Pocket Outfitters pride ourselves in our quality and service so you can be assured that your hunting experience with us will be second to none. Come let us share this amazing ranch and beautiful country with you.

The Elk hunting at Saddle Pocket Outfitters is superb. We have a very high success rate because we are located in prime Elk habitat and directly in the path of the White River Elk herd's migration path. Come Elk hunting with us and see what you've been missing out on.

If you are looking for a trophy Colorado Mule Deer, look no further. At Saddle Pocket Outfitters, your chances at a trophy Mule Deer are excellent. Every one of our Mule Deer hunters has filled their tag! In the state of Colorado, Mule Deer tags are sold using a lottery system. So, contact us now to start planning your Mule Deer hunt.

For those looking for a high octane, action-packed Mountain Lion hunt, Saddle Pocket Outfitters is the place for you. Our staff is always busy keeping tabs on the cats on the ranch and the hounds are highly trained and always ready to hunt! Contact us today to learn more about our Mountain Lion hunts.

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